Packaging Design Simulation of Vaccine Vials


2:00 to 4:30PM

Location: SEACAD Training Academy

28 Genting Lane, Platinum 28


Singapore 349585


The outbreak of the global pandemic (COVID-19) has affected billions of lives, posing critical challenges to the healthcare system, vaccine manufacturers, packaging scientists, and daily public activities.

Biotechnological advances have allowed to create vaccines, rapidly,  yet the success of an efficient immunization mainly depends on the safe and timely delivery of vaccines. This is where packaging comes in and plays a crucial role in protecting, preserving, transporting, and distributing vaccines.


Join us on this Hands-on Workshop as we design and simulate vaccine vials and their packaging using SOLIDWORKS.

Attendees will get access to a desktop equipped with SOLIDWORKS Simulation and SEACAD's experts will walk the group through several simulation studies.



  1. SOLIDWORKS Simulation Overview
  2. Design of Covid-19 Vaccine Vials using SOLIDWORKS
  3. Linear Static Study, Optimization, Drop test, Vibrational analysis for vaccine vial model with and without packaging
  4. Tea Break & Networking
  5. Hands on Test drive
  6. Quiz and Q&A

*Limited Seats Available