Getting Started with SOLIDWORKS Mold Tools
  • Getting Started with SOLIDWORKS Mold Tools

    Posted on Aug Fri, 2019 by seacad_marketing

    Got your product that wanted to fabricate using Molding? So how you’re going to design your mold tools?

    Let me introduce you with SOLIDWORKS Mold Tools.

    Solidworks Mold Tools is a tool that consist features that are mainly used for speeding up your molding design. To make it simple using SOLIDWORKS Mold Tools, you can easily leverage the geometry data of your CAD file so you don’t need to create your mold from scratch.

    Mold Tool 1

    So let’s get started.

    You already have a product design like above, before we start creating the mold, make sure you take account about the shrinkage, you can scale your design if necessary to compansate the shrinkage. First make sure you activate your Mold Tools Menu in the CommandManager.

    Right Click on any of the CommandManager Tab and make sure to check the Mold Tools like below image.

    Mold Tools

    You can use the Scale feature on the Mold Tools Tab to scale your product. In this case we will use the Centroid Option and Check the Uniform Scaling to maintain the x-y-z ratio and lastly you can input the ratio of scaling.

    Mold Tool 3

    Next we will continue to the mold making tools. After you open activate the Mold Tools Command. You will see several new tools/menu there. Let’s started.

    First step is to define the parting line. Parting line will act as your separator between your mold. Click Parting Line.  Select the direction of pull, in this case we will select the top face like shown below.

    Mold Tools 4

    Check the Use for Core/Cavity Split. Click the Draft Analysis and the parting lines will be automatically populated, you can also select your parting line manually but in this case we will leave it automatically. Hit OK.

    Mold Tools 5

    Now your parting line is created, next we need to check wether our product have a “cut-off” or “hole-like” geometry. If have then we need to determine the Shut-Off Surface before creating the mold. In this design there is a cut-off geometry as shown below, the window for hanging the dustpan. We need to determine the Shut-off surface to this geometry.

    Mold Tools 6

    Click Shut-off Surfaces in the menu bar, select the edges around the “cut-off” or “hole-like” geometry like shown below and for the Reset All Patch Types section select the all tangent . And the message in the left side of your screen (the green windows) stated “the mold is separable into core and cavity” which means our setup is valid, and we can continue hit OK.

    Mold Tools 7

    The results will be like shown below where 2 surface bodies were added and you can see the shut-off surface in the green color.

    Mold Tools 8The next things we need to do is to determine the parting surfaces using the parting line that we created before. Click Parting Surfaces. In this example we will use the setting same with the image below, but you can always explore for more options there.

    Mold Tools 9

    Next we going to create a plane and sketch for the molds.

    Mold Tools 10

    Mold Tools 11

    The sketch is used to determining the overall dimension of the molds. After that Click the Tooling Split command in the Mold Tools CommandManager.

    Mold Tools 12

    You can change the block size of your molds as you wish in the Block Size section (Left side of your screen). After that check the Interlock Surface to create tapered geometry from the surfaces, this will help the mold to seal properly and guide the mold when closing each other. Hit OK.

    Lastly you can check the result of your mold in the solid bodies folder and hide/show accordingly to see the result.

    Mold Tools 13

    As you know right now the design are still in the part level, you can save your mold design along with the product into the assembly file by right clicking the Solid Bodies Folder in your Features Manager Tree and click Save Bodies. You will be prompted to select the template for part & assembly level.

    Mold Tools 14

    Mold Tools 14-15

    Select the part that you want to save and include in the assembly and click the browse to determining where you want to save your assembly and hit OK.

    Mold Tools 16

    For more details about these features please take a look at our Training Package.
    Thank you and have a nice day.



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