What is the grey folder or file in PDM vault view?
  • What is the grey folder or file in PDM vault view?

    Posted on Jun Fri, 2018 by seacad_admin

    Sometimes you will see grey folder or file in the file vault view. Do you ever wonder what are they for? Grey folder or file means that a local folder or a local file that is in the local file vault view cache but not in the file vault. The reason could be a folder or a file that was deleted, renamed or moved in the vault by users. It could also mean that the currently logged in user lacks permission to access the folder or file.

    When browsing through folders and files in the vault view, copies of the folders and files will be cached locally. The local copies will remain in the cache even when the user logs out of the vault view. If the user wants to remove the local cache, he/she can go to Tools > Clear Local Cache under the file vault view. Note that cache local copies will take up hard disk space if not removed.


    To automatically remove the grey folder of file, you can follow the below steps:

    • Go to Administration Tool > Users > Settings


    • Click Explorer and select the below option


    • If you do not want to view the grey folder or file when you login to the vault, you can turn on the below option.


    Source: James Lee – Assistant Manager Engineer at SeaCAD

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