How to do problem capture and Creating an RX file
  • How to do problem capture and Creating an RX file

    Posted on Jul Thu, 2018 by seacad_admin

    In some case, your technical support team ask you to create an RX file when you have problem with SOLIDWORKS. However, you don’t know what it is and how to create an RX file. RX file is created by SOLIDWORKS Rx. The SOLIDWORKS Rx tool can be used to help diagnose issues with your computer, perform SOLIDWORKS aware system maintenance, or capture and review problems.

    • SOLIDWORKS Rx tool can be found by browse to SOLIDWORKS Tool 20xx folder from Windows Start menu.




    • The SOLIDWORKS Rx window will show on. Then switch from home tab to Problem Capture tab. When you first click on the Problem Capture tab, SOLIDWORKS Rx automatically begins to gather several files that will be included in the Rx file.




    • In Step 1, Capture Problem consists of collecting additional data to include in the Rx file. There are 2 options here. “Record a video of steps in SOLIDWORKS” is the more common option. “Record Extended Logging Data” is off by default because this produces a large file that is necessary only for specific situation. After choosing options, then you click Start Capture.




    • If SOLIDWORKS is still opening, a popup window will start to ask you if you want to “Use Current Session” or “Restart SOLIDWORKS Now”. With “Use Current Session”, SOLIDWORKS will be keep opening. With “Restart SOLIDWORKS Now”, SOLIDWORKS will be restarted. If SOLIDWORKS is closed, the popup won’t show on and a new SOLIDWORKS window will be opened.




    • Click “Start Recording” and recreate the problem. After recreating the problem, click “Finish Recording”.



    • Then, you will be prompted to close SOLIDWORKS to complete the Step 1.




    • In Step 2, click “Package File Now…” and “Save” to package files. You can click “Add More File to Zip…” if you want to add more files.




    • Then click “Continue to step 3”.




    • In Step 3, click “Continue”.




    • Then, fill out the Problem Capture Details form describing all the details for your problem and then pick OK.




    • Click “Click here to browse to the zip file location”. You can browse RX file to Desktop or any location you want. Then, click “Exit SOLIDWORKS Rx” to finish. Now, you can send the ZIP file to your technical support team.




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    Author: Do Huynh Bao – Application Engineer at SEACAD Technologies Ltd

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