Insert an image as a SOLIDWORKS decal
  • Insert an image as a SOLIDWORKS decal

    Posted on Oct Fri, 2018 by seacad_admin

    This article focuses on the steps to insert an image as a SOLIDWORKS decal:

    • Go to View> Hide/Show to make sure you have chosen to show Decals.



    • In View Decals tab, right-click to Add Decal.



    • Browse for the image file.



    • Under Mask Image, click to No Mask in normal case. If you have the mask file (a black and white image to remove sections of the decal, items in white remain in the decal, items in black are removed) and you want to remove some sections of image, you can chooe Image mask file. If you don’t have the mask file and you want to remove some setions of image, you can choose Selective color mask to remove section by Pick color tool. In specified image (PNG and TIF), you can choose to Use decal image alpha channel.



    • Under Mapping tab, select entities to apply the decal.



    • Under Mapping, you can choose mapping type (Label, Projection, Spherical, Cylindrical) and change position of the decal. If you choose Label, maps decals onto model faces, including multiple contiguous non-planar surfaces, in a way that is analogous to placing an adhesive label on a real part, with no stretching or shrinking. If you choose Projection, maps all points onto a specified plane and then projects the decal onto the reference entity. If you choose Spherical, maps all points onto a sphere. If you choose Cylindrical, maps all points onto a cylinder.



    • Under Size/Orientation, you can change the size, rotation or mirror.



    • Under Illumination, you can change the setting for illumination. If you don’t know how to set the value, you can check for Dynamic Help, SOLIDWORKS will teach you when your mouse point to each value.



    • Then click Ok to apply decal.



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