Introducing the “WRAP” Feature
  • Introducing the “WRAP” Feature

    Posted on Oct Fri, 2018 by seacad_admin

    The easiest way to engrave your company name onto a curved surface.

    SOLIDWORKS has a simple solution which enables you to engrave any shape onto a curved surface which enables you to easily engrave company logos, names such as this. wrap1

    To work on using the Wrap feature, firstly ensure that your curved surface is available for selection. After which select any plane to create a sketch, this sketch can include any shapes or text as you like as long as they contain only closed contours. However, the Wrap feature will only work without errors if you create the sketch within the curved surface, for example to create the engraving seen above, the text must exist within the green areas, and not the red areas as seen below.


    There are currently 3 type of wrap style you can input using SOLIDWORKS: Emboss (Extrude), Deboss (Extrude_Cut), Scribe (Projected). wrap3

    Just select the Sketch you have done, As well as the surface of selected and SOLIDWORKS will do the rest!

    If you select Emboss or Deboss type, you will have an additional distance parameter that you will be able to select.

    Try it out today on your version of SOLIDWORKS! Feel free to contact us for any enquiries!



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