Library Feature is Empty
  • Library Feature is Empty

    Posted on Aug Fri, 2019 by seacad_marketing

    Did you come across below error message when you try to use your customized Weldment Profile?

    Library Feature is Empty 1


    Cause for the Issue:

    The warning “Library Feature is empty” can appear if the profile sketch has not been added to the library.

    Kindly follow below steps to fix the issue:

    Solution 1:

    1. Open your customized Weldment Profile from C:\Program Files\SOLIDWORKS Corp\SOLIDWORKS \lang\english\weldment profiles Location and after that Right click on the Sketch and click Add to Library as shown below.

    Library feature is empty 2


    2. After you click Add to Library, you can able to see L symbol on your Sketch as below. After that save it again.

    Library feature is empty 3

    3. After that try to use your customized weldment profile again, it will work fine like below.

    Library feature is empty 4


    Library feature is empty 5

    Solution 2:

    In order to use the sketch profile, preselect the sketch in the Feature Manager and then save it as a library feature to avoid the error message.

    After you follow above steps and still issue persist feel free to contact our support at or (65) 6372 1416.


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