How to link Custom Properties to SolidWorks Drawings
  • How to link Custom Properties to SolidWorks Drawings

    Posted on May Wed, 2018 by seacad_admin

    You can link the Custom Properties to SolidWorks Drawings. If the values of the Custom Properties change, the linked text will also changes automatically. To do this, first you need to create your Custom Properties from Property Tab Builder and save it. Then you can apply the Custom Properties to Drawings, Part or Assembly. Finally, you just need to create the Note in Sheet Format and link it to your Custom Properties.

    From the Windows Start menu, click All Programs> SolidWorks Tools 2018 > Property Tab Builder 2018 to open Property Tab Builder. In Property Tab Builder, there are some attributes you can use to create Custom Properties as Groupbox, Textbox, List, Number, Checkbox, Radio, List Group. Then you drag the attributes to Custom Properties area to create your Custom Properties. For example, as picture below, you can drag Textbox to Custom Properties area to create your Custom Properties as Name, Company, Email and Contact Number.


    Before you save your custom Drawing Template, you should go to Tools> Options> System Options> File Locations> Custom Property Files and make sure that location “C:\ProgramData\SOLIDWORKS\<SOLIDWORKS 2018>\lang\english” has been added. If you don’t see it, you can add it manually. Now you can click on Save button to save your Custom Properties to location C:\ProgramData\SOLIDWORKS\<SOLIDWORKS 2018>\lang\english.


    To apply Custom Properties to a Drawing, you need to click on Custom Properties icon to display task pane tab. Then select your Custom Properties and click Apply. You should go to File> Properties> Custom to make sure Custom Properties were added. You can do the same way to make your Custom Properties for Part and Assembly.


    To link the Custom Properties, first you need to right-click on graphic area and select Edit Sheet Format. Then you go to Insert> Annotations> Note to create new Note. In Note PropertyManager, click on Link to Property icon (). In the Link to Property dialog, there are two options. If you choose “Current document”, the text will link to Custom Properties of this Drawing. If you choose “Model found here”, the text will link to Custom Properties of model (Part or Assembly).


    Now, when you change the Name of Custom Properties, the Drawing will automatically update the text in Sheet Format. With Custom Properties, you can modify many Properties at the same time. This is easier than you have to edit each Property in Sheet Format.


    Source: Do Huynh Bao – Application Engineer at SeaCAD

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