Managing The Integrity Of Your Files Using PDM
  • Managing The Integrity Of Your Files Using PDM

    Posted on Apr Mon, 2016 by seacad_admin

    If you worked with huge assemblies (such as 100 parts and above), most likely you would have faced:

    • One or two parts missing when opening the assembly
    • A wrong part is being referenced in the assembly
    • Assemblies being corrupted due to a untimely shutdown of the system during a saving process

    Some of the challenges of working with huge assemblies with different engineers involved, are that part files can be moved around without proper methodology, leading to issues in the assembly files which can be pretty frustrating. Not to mention:

    • Renaming of library files
    • Moving of important based files
    • Editing of common files

    That could lead to everybody’s projects and assemblies being changed in the process.

    This is why data management is important. By constantly creating backup and updating references to files, you can be assured that the following issues as highlighted above will not happen to you!

    To see how this works, take a look at the PDM demonstration below:

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