New Sketch Features in SOLIDWORKS 2018
  • New Sketch Features in SOLIDWORKS 2018

    Posted on Nov Fri, 2017 by seacad_admin

    In addition to the new Login and Licensing mode, SOLIDWORKS 2018 has improved existing sketch workflows with new sketch features.

    Reverse Endpoint Tangent

    To give users more flexibility when working with Arcs and Splines, SOLIDWORKS 2018 has introduced the feature to switch the tangency direction. This new option eliminates the need to delete and recreate the entity which could lead to a downstream failure of referenced features.

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    Mirror Entity in 3D Sketches

    With the previous SOLIDWORKS versions, advanced users who do 3D sketches were missing out on one important function: mirror entities. This function has long existed for 2D sketches but wasn’t available for 3D sketches. Worry no more as SOLIDWORKS 2018 has added the mirror entities feature to 3D sketches.




    You can build in symmetry at any time by mirroring the sketch entities. Furthermore, users are able to use planes as a mirror reference in both 2D and 3D sketches, making sketch geometry easier and more intuitive. Symmetric relations are captured and maintained giving you visualization of the complete shape as you refine your design.


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