News How SOLIDWORK 3DXpert helps you enter “additive manufacturing”
  • How SOLIDWORK 3DXpert helps you enter “additive manufacturing”

    Posted on Apr Wed, 2018 by seacad_admin

    What is SOLIDWORKS 3DXpert?

    3DXpert is a powerful toolset that is included in all versions of SOLIDWORKS program, which means in Standard, Professional and Premium. This tool gives users a more convenient, modern environment when working on their design and manufacturing process. 3DXpert supports 2 kinds of printing: plastic and metal. Not only that, this feature also provides a user-friendly way of DFAM-adding, structures support, platform build with an optimized workflow.

    3DXpert sole purpose is to helps user to get in an additive manufacturing process. For this will need to change the users’ mindset, that’s why SOLIDWORKS 3DXpert has included the model optimization and all required steps for printing in the design process. Thanks to this user can manage everything they want when designing and also acknowledged what needed to adjust in other processes.

    Not only that, 3DXpert breaks all traditional norms of manufacturing. Since this is the only way to helps users enter “additive manufacturing”. Without rules or boundary, users’ imagination is set free and be able to achieve better, newer things. Imagining how our designers now can reduce complex geometries, lightening product weight that would not affects it function, or applying additional structures that normally impossible without additive manufacturing. Yes, 3DXpert can helps designers to do it.

    Let take a peek of how 3DXpert operate:

    As mentioned above, 3DXpert is an essential part of all three versions of SOLIDWORKS software. This wonderful tool provides everything in order to ensure its user can enter additive manufacturing without any problems.

    3DXpert make sure that everything that user need is included here. From necessary tools for analyzing, preparing to tools for optimizing during the additive manufacturing processed are entitled to user. What’s more? You can turn native SOLIDWORKS CAD files into 3DXpert with just one click.

    With this everything-is-included method, users now do not have to switch left and right for additional software or checking too many other processes during their manufacturing state. With 3DXpert, a single direct path is designed to let users enter additive manufacturing and to archive better opportunities.

    Source: Mark Rushton, Solidworks blog