Photoview 360 in SOLIDWORKS 2016 – Now anybody can provide high-quality graphics!
  • Photoview 360 in SOLIDWORKS 2016 – Now anybody can provide high-quality graphics!

    Posted on Dec Mon, 2015 by seacad_admin

    Photoview 360 has always been a great tool to have when it comes to providing marketing and sales material for a product designed on SOLIDWORKS. The importance of a rendering engine was that it enables a company to creating quality content on their products even before the final product was ready (instead of waiting till the end to take a photo of it). This enables a company to continue the selling process throughout the design stage.

    Even with the easy to use controls on Photoview 360, most users may not know what the different settings used in Photoview 360 actually does to the final outcome, which leaves the process as a trial and error thing. And these settings are common in all designing softwares, like Adobe Photoshop, GIMP and so on. Terms like rendering brightness and screen reflectivity are not common knowledge to most designers who are not trained in graphic designing.

    This is where the new Photoview 360 in SOLIDWORKS 2016 helps. The new Scene Illumination Proof Sheet creates a thumbnail preview on all this settings, so that you can see how each settings changes the outcome in an easy to use preview window. It also allows you to:

    1. Compare the difference between Initial and Current (new settings you’re working on)
    2. Tool tips are available to provide precise values for the settings

    With every types of changes being given a preview, it is faster to choose the setting that meets your requirement. The preview window of a final render has also been improved. Now you can easily adjust the level of resolution you would like on your preview render with the “Resolution Slider”, which allows the user to find the balance between quality and speed of the preview:

    For a full preview on what’s new with Photoview 360 on SOLIDWORKS 2016, check out the video below:

    But it does not stop there., In 2016, SOLIDWORKS introduces SOLIDWORKS Visualise, a new and improve rendering program. All will be revealed in our next post, so stay tuned!!

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