Enabling Experience-Driven Innovation

From Consumer Electronics to Control and Telecommunications Systems: High-Tech goods are no longer simply products that customers “own” but fundamental catalysts of change in how we live. Connectivity and intelligence are turning them into personal and professional experiences.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is enabling what can be called the “Internet of Experiences”, where a new class of cross-industry usages and business models go beyond physical products to include software, big data intelligence, networks and content ecosystems.

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Accelerated Device

Be the first to market!


The Accelerated Device Industry Solution Experience powered by 3DEXPERIENCE platform is specifically tailored for mid-market High-Tech innovators. It provides critical capabilities to connect electronics, mechanical design and software teams with requirements and project management, as well as with external partners. This helps to accelarate and more efficiently manage the new product introduction process. 

Adaptive Connected Systems

Master the complexity of engineering software driven systems with optimal performance

Today's high-tech systems are multi-layered, highly interconnected and more and more mission critical. With a shared, modelled definition used across all engineering disciplines, it is much easier to create, improve and manage complex systems.

The Adaptive Connected Systems Solution unifies requirement engineering, system architecture definition, solutions design definition as well as performance validation.

Empowered Design Innovation

Boost your disruptive innovation potential by design

Empowered Design Innovation is an Innovation Process dedicated solution addressing the Upstream Thinking Value Stream. 


From Market Intelligence and Ideas gathering to Design Concept definition, virtual prototyping, refinement and validation, it supports and accelerates each step of the innovation process for industry leaders to push their traditional boundaries and invent new customer experiences:

  • Trends gathering to indentify new business opportunities, emerging technologies and market disruptors
  • Ideas maturation for convergence and capitalization
  • Tangible Virtual Twin-based design concepts development feeding future product portfolio
  • Collaboration-driven ideas and concepts validation

High Impact Marketing

Easily create powerful high-end marketing experiences

High Impact Marketing solution enables brands to create impressive digital marketing assets, visuals, animations and deliver personalized product experiences that resonate with customers. Brands cangenerate interactive marketing and sales experiences that improve the buying journey. Consumers can configure their personalized products and make their products come to life with photo-realistic quality at the touch of a finger.


With High Impact Marketing, High-Tech brands have one single marketing and engineering environment that connects internal and external collaborators and where product data is used to automatically create marketing assets. With High Impact Marketing, you can:

  • Increase consumer engagement and loyalty
  • Sell products before they are produced
  • Save cost, improving time-to-market and enhancing sustainability

High Performance Mechatronics

Advance engineering collaboration to create mechatronic products right the first time

High Performance Mechatronics provides a platform to synchronize electronics and mechanical CAD design. Together with advanced capabilities for enclosure design, multidisciplinary engineering team can now deliver perfectly designed and performaning products on stringent time and quality targets.



  • Accelerate PCB design by integrating your mechatronics disciplines on a common collaboration platform
  • Meet and surpass customer expectations with best-in-class engineering tools for flexible PCB and enclosure design
  • Deliver products right first time by leveraging advanced, realistic visualization indesign reviews

High-tech Smart Factory

High-Tech Smart Factory enables to transform your planning and global operations to gain responsiveness, flexibility and efficiency

The High-Tech Smart Factory solution enables a digitally seamless, model-based and systemic approach to manufacturing optimization. Leveraging the virtual twin experiences, High-Tech manufacturers can bring together the virtual (planning) and real (operational) world of manufacturing, to increase their agility to adapt to strategy shifts, changing market conditions and unexpected events.

  • Offer better understanding of relationships between the product, the manufacturing process, resources and manufacturing execution system
  • Enable early detection of manufacturing and assembly issue thanks to production line virtual twin experience
  • Empower teams to collaborate, organize and solve problems more efficiently
  • Provide production global coordination, visibility and control at multi-scale
  • Provide unified approachto managing quality and ctrl across entire enterprise

High Virtual Prototyping

Accelerate development & increase device reliability by maximizing the use of virtual validation

Growing product complexity and volatile demands are outting cost and time pressures on High-Tech development, which can be effectively met by maximizing the use of virtual validation. Highly Virtual Prototyping allows synchronizing product requirements with validation and test plans, to run critical multiphysics simulations like structural, thermal, electromagnetic compliance (EMC), and to analyze results efficiently. Those tasks are performed in a common environment, the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, ensuring a common simulation base model for multiple validations and maintaining full visibility and traceability from requirements to test results. This Industry Solution Experience significantly shortens time to market by reducing the number of physical prototypes and controls warranty costs by avoiding early product failures.

  • Reduce time-to-market leveraging simulation across the entire product creation process
  • Increase efficiencies by facilitating the effective re-use of design & simulation know-how
  • Reduce manufacturing cost through early involvement to eliminate downstream, costly changes
  • Increase your agility by enabling the use of simulation for all levels of expertise
  • Reduce warranty cost by eliminating design flaws early and effectively

Perfect Package

Designing and Optimize Packaging in Record Time

Perfect Package, available from the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, provides complete end-to-end concurrent packaging design, bringing together Brand Manufacturers, Artwork Studios, Agencies and Packaging Suppliers to accelerate breakthrough designs. The solution enables rapid iterations from discovery to qualified design, tooling and in-store visualization. Companies can shorten package design cycles, reduce costs and virtually eliminate the chance for production issues or recalls.


Providing digital continuity for product data from design through manufacturing means molds & tooling can be adapted with just a few clicks for seamless acceleration to market.

  • With Perfect Package, you can:
  • Bring sustainable designs to market faster
  • Cut design time by up to 50%
  • Reduce materials and design costs by 30 to 50%
  • Virtually eliminate oackaging recalls
  • Develop digital IP for fast, local adaptation

Resilient Supply Chain

Build a lean and resilient supply and distribution network for superior responsiveness and performance

High-Tech manufacturers constantly need to adapt their production to dynamic change. To be competitive and profitable, they need the agility to effectively adjust their global production operations.


With the Resilient Supply Chain solution, manufacturers can model, flexibly plan and optimize demand and supply, being seamlessly connected to real world manufacturing operations including warehouse and logistics.



  • Accelerate your production ramp-up while increasing resource efficiency and throughput, and while lowering cost and inventories
  • Get perfect visibility and control across your global production fueled by your well-orchestrated supplier network