SOLIDWORKS CAM (Powered by CAMWorks®) is a patented, parametric, knowledge-based suite of seamlessly integrated CNC programming software tools used to automate the creation of machine toolpaths based on a company’s best practices, thereby lowering manufacturing costs and accelerating time to market.

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Connecting design-to-manufacture through one source with a fully associative and automated workflow can make significant difference. Using this new technology, you can make huge a difference with what’s currently available and affordable today!

The benefits on the design side are well recognized – less documentation to manage, all the data is stored in one file and more focus can be placed on design and less on documentation. However, significant rewards can also be reaped in the manufacturing space by mainstreaming this migration with SOLIDWORKS Model Based Definition (MBD) capability. With all geometric and non-geometric information in one file and available to CAM software manufacturers to use, new opportunities for automating the CNC programming of machined parts are now possible.


For design and manufacturing professionals who create CNC programs, SOLIDWORKS CAM is intuitive feature-based CAM software that automates tool-path creation using best-in-class technologies and adaptable automation tools to maximize CNC machining efficiency.

2.5 Axis and Limited 3 Axis Milling
Feature Recognition and Rules Based Machining
Area Clear Roughing, Flat Area, and Z Level Finishing

Standard Features
Tolerance Based Machining – TBM
Assembly Machining and CAM Configuration Support

4 & 5 Axis Indexing 

VoluMill 2.5 Axis Roughing




Machinist Standard

Machinist Professional

2.5 Axis and Basic 3 Axis Milling

Feature-Based Machining with Feature Recognition

Area Clear Roughing, Flat Area, and Z Level Finishing

NC Editor with Backplotting - Powered by CIMCO

Integrated Tolerance Based Machining (iTBM)

Part Document Machining

Assembly Document Machining

Multiple CAM Con gurations

4 & 5 Axis Positioning


VoluMill 2.5 Axis Roughing


Turning for CNC Lathes


Sub-Spindle Programming


Two Trurret Support


Part Modeling / Import

Assembly Modeling / Import