CAMWorks 3 Axis Essentials Course

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Course Duration: 3 Day

Compulsory Prerequisite: 

  • Experience using CNC equipment
  • SOLIDWORKS Essentials Course

Main Topics Covered:

  • CAMWorks Basics and User Interface
  • Multi-Surface Features
  • Avoid and contain areas, toolpath limits
  • Inserting operations, common operation parameters
  • Area clerance and Z level operation parameters
  • Pattern Project
  • Constant Stepover
  • Pencil Mill
  • Curve Project
  • 3 Axia Undercut

Course Outline:

  • Learn how to create toolpaths for CAMWorks 3 axis operations.
  • Learn how to use the 3 axis operation types : Pattern Project, Pencil Mill and Curve Project
  • Learn how to define a Z-level operation to program geometry that has an undercut.