Curtain E-Locker

A File Rights Management system that prevents your sensitive files from leaking out of the organization - Safeguard your intellectual properties and prevent confidential files form being copied

Organizations are well aware of the downside of information sharing within the corporation especially when the data files are highly sensitive, for example, customer information, product design, proposal, financial report and contract. Workstations are usually lightly guarded as sensitive files are downloaded. Even without necessary security clearance and authority, access to these sensitive files in workstations is within easy reach.

How do you prevent files from being copied out of the workstations and leaked out of organization? Policies and procedures are insufficient to protect your information ownership. Curtain e-locker is the solution to address security issues. Curtain e-locker is a File Rights Management system that prevents your sensitive files from leaking out of the organization.

Curtain e-locker allow users to access sensitive files using the native software (not through a third party file viewer), such as MS Word, MS Excel, AutoCAD and SOLIDWORKS, but NOT to print, save as, or send files to external sources, such as floppy disks, USB storage devices, CDR/RW, and Internet mail.

Curtain e-locker creates a special directory called ‘Protected Directory’ in client machine. When users access confidential files stored in server, files will be automatically downloaded to client’s Protected Directory. Users can do anything inside Protected Directory, but they cannot copy files from Protected Directory to external sources.


Curtain e-locker is a document security system that prevents your confidential files from leaking out of the company. Curtain e-locker allows users to access confidential files by using corresponding software, such as MS Word, AutoCAD and Pro/ENGINEER, but NOT to print, save as, or send files to external sources, such as floppy disk, USB disk, CDR, web mail.

  • Safeguard your intellectual properties, such as design and technical document
  • Prevent confidential files from being copied to external sources
  • Stop confidential files from leaking to your competitors
  • Differentiate your products/services from competitors
  • Scalable Protect your investment in R&D
  • Expand your business without worrying security


Perimeter-based Security Solutions

Intruder Prevention, Firewall & VPN, Web & Email Filtering, Antivirus, Anti-spam.

Enhance Security Control within the Trusted Community

Controlling file rights to save, transfer, print, run on macro and saving outside the protected directory.

Better Integration

Curtain e-locker has SDK interfaces to enable easy integration with any server applications, from File Server to Document Management System (DMS).

File Locking

Curtain e-locker will lock the file when it is being used. Other users can only read this file but they cannot edit the file at the same time.


File will be automatically uploaded to server after the file has been modified.

User-friendly Client Interface

Windows Explorer-like interface and all columns can be sorted.

First Draft

Curtain e-locker extends protection to first draft documents.

Simple Housekeeping

Administrators can define rules to clear up temporary files in Protected Directory in users’ workstations.


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