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iMachining 3D

A real breakthrough in CNC milling tool path technology that enables extremely faster and deeper machining by optimizing tool cutting angles and feed rates throughout the tool path.


  • Quick solid geometry selection – just “Pick & Go”
  • Machining 3D automatically produces a complete, ready to run CNC program, with optimal cutting conditions, to rough and rest rough a complete 3D part, with True Scallop on all slopes, all in a single operation.
  • Machining 3D uses target and updated stock geometry from previous operations to automatically recognize areas it needs to machine, eliminating “air-cuts” and optimizing tool repositioning.
  • The optimal cutting conditions are achieved by the expert Knowledge based Technology Wizard of iMachining.


Optimal Z-Slice Machining

Uses proven 2D iMachining algorithms to generate Morphing Spiral Tool Paths

Achieves shortest possible cycle time by analyzing and determining which area of material to remove next, and at what Z level

Deep Step-Down Roughing & Step-Up Rest-Roughing

Takes full depths of Step-Down cuts first, generating roughing tool paths

Dynamic Step-Up staircase reduction machining removes rest material on slopes

Selectable Machining order

True Scallop-Driven Intelligent Step-Up

Step-Up removes exact rest material, only at z levels optimized by region, to achieve True Scallop with minimal machining

Per slope, Step-Up changes dynamically to maintain True-Scallop size throughout operation

The True Scallop value (distance between peak and valley) is controlled by the user

Optimized Repositioning & Intelligent Regionalized Machining

“Intelligent Tool Path Sorting” and “3D Z-Level Linking” drastically reduce retracts and unnecessary tool movements

Repositioning detours, using high-speed feed moves at current machining level, saves machining time

All positioning moves include lead-in/out arcs (in plane) or smooth 3D splines for smooth continuous motion, reduces cycle time and machine wear

No “Air Cutting”

Tool path optimized for cutting only rest material needed to be removed

Zero Air Cuts – all toolpaths are driven by dynamically updated 3D model of stock

3D model of stock precisely updated after each short segment of tool movement

Automatic Z-Level Adjustments

Technology Wizard algorithms maximize performance and efficiency by automatically adjusting the cutting conditions at each Z level

Optimized cutting conditions for each depth also drastically reduces tool wear

Automatic Prismatic Part Roughing & Semi-Finish

Automatically identifies depths and geometries, No chaining or sketching

Full automatic collision protection with stock

Automatic Rough and Rest-Rough in a single operation

Tangent Lead-In/Out Arcs

Automatically performed when entering and exiting “the cut”

Smooth motion allows for faster, more efficient machining

Increases tool and machine life

Wizard Automatically Determines ‘Cutting Conditions’

Utilizes proven iMachining 2D algorithms to manage the ‘Cutting Conditions’ for each step down

Feed adjusted for different depths of cut in step down and step up to reduce cycle time


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