CST Studio Suite


CST Studio Suite is a high-performing 3D EM analysis software package offered by SIMULIA for designing, analysing and optimising electromagnetic (EM) components and systems.

Electromagnetic field solvers for applications across the EM spectrum are contained within a single user interface in CST Studio Suite. The solvers can be coupled to perform hybrid simulations, giving engineers the flexibility to analyze whole systems made up of multiple components in an efficient and straightforward way. Co-design with other SIMULIA products allows EM simulation to be integrated into the design flow and drives the development process from the earliest stages.

Key Features

  • Broad Electromagnetic Simulation
    CST analyses Electromagnetic systems from statics and low-frequency to high-frequency range, in a fully parametric design environment
  • Coupled Simulation
    CST provides coupled simulation: System-level, hybrid, multiphysics, thermal, EM/circuit co-simulation, and co-simulation with Abaqus
  • Specialised Solvers
    CST holds specialised solvers for applications such as motors, circuit boards, cable harnesses and filters
  • High Performance Computing
    CST allows workstation multithreading, GPU and hardware acceleration, and cluster distributed computing and MPI.