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Streamline the creation of inspection documents by leveraging your existing 2D legacy data, regardless of whether files are SOLIDWORKS, PDFs, or TIFFs.

Intuitive and easy-to-use, SOLIDWORKS Inspection automates the ballooning of engineering drawings and 3D files with Product and Manufacturing Information (PMI), to streamline the creation of industry standard inspection reports by leveraging on existing 2D and 3D CAD data.
SOLIDWORKS Inspection is a First Article Inspection (FAI) and in-process inspection solution that greatly simplifies and automates the reporting process. It also integrated with SOLIDWORKS CAD, and available as a standalone application to work with other CAD systems. Companies can easily deploy it, train their quality department, and start to optimize their inspection and quality processes. This saves time, lowers costs, and wins more business by eliminating the bottlenecks in quality inspection and increasing throughout in manufacturing.


Inspection Documents Made Easy

SOLIDWORKS Inspection helps you save up to 90% of time performing inspections and creating inspection documents.

Integrated CAD Add-in

You can create your inspection documents regardless of your existing CAD system, using either the standalone SOLIDWORKS Inspection application or the integrated SOLIDWORKS Inspection Add-in.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

When working with a PDF or TIFF drawing, SOLIDWORKS Inspection can instruct Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to read and identify the nominal dimension, plus and minus tolerances, and the type of dimension (such as diametric or linear) helping to virtually eliminate manual input and reduce errors. It works with horizontal and vertical dimensions, split dimensions, notes, hole callouts, finish symbols and geometric dimensions and tolerating (GD&T) symbols.

Handle Revisions with Ease

Avoid errors and quickly identify changes using SOLIDWORKS Inspection advanced 2D & 3D comparison tool.

One Tool, Multiple Customize Reports

Powerful template editor allows you to create industry standard inspection reports (such as AS9102, PPAP and ISO 13485) and ballooned drawings in just a few clicks, helping to avoid errors and inconsistencies.

Inspection Done Faster

SOLIDWORKS Inspection allows users to manually enter measured values for each characteristic or import values from a digital caliper / CMM machine. The dimensions in the drawing or PMI are automatically highlighted in green, red and yellow to instantly see which dimensions are in tolerence, out of tolerance or marginally within tolerance. Quality inspectors can easily identify problematic manufacturing processes and faulty parts.


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