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Full-featured data management solution for all organizations - Repurpose files, parts, and drawings; share design information and automate workflows.

SOLIDWORKS PDM allows distributed design teams to manage product data, share design information, automate workflows, and improve collaboration between engineering and manufacturing. Typically many companies utilize a centralised data management system by storing design and manufacturing data on a network drive with an administrator to control access while the information technology (IT) department usually conducts backup on a tape or optical disk drive.

A simple standard workflow is where users can pull out a file and work on it while the file is assigned to a temporary directory such as F:\In-Progress. The administrator assigns different network operating system rights to each directory, such as read-only; signs off the reworked files for transfer; and makes sure it gets back in the file folder labelled F:\Released.

This type of manual check-in/check-out system is prone to errors in its daily operation; the wrong version is opened, someone works on a copy with-out tracking revisions, or a co-worker renames it – all errors that can cost you time and accuracy.

To minimize these errors, you need a structured product data management (PDM) system. To truly improve the efficiency of your managed design process, you need the benefits of the SOLIDWORKS Intelligent PDM Vault included with SOLIDWORKS PDM. The Intelligent PDM Vault features seven significant improvements beyond a simple hierarchy of stored files. That way, engineers and designers can focus on design rather than administrative tasks.


Effective data management allows engineering, manufacturing, purchasing and marketing staff to avoid errors such as working with the wrong versions of documents or accidentally overwriting the right versions. SOLIDWORKS PDM enables intelligent data reuse, conserving time and effort. SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM’s powerful and easy-to-use search tools allows products designers to locate CAD and simulation files more quickly, avoiding redundant data.

  • Easy to implement and use
  • Scalable to provide secure data access for design teams of all sizes, in any geographic location
  • Global to enable companies to manage data at multiple locations with automatic file replication at each site
  • Securely store and index design data for fast retrieval
  • Eliminate concerns about version control and data loss
  • Share and collaborate on designs with people inside and outside the organization in multiple locations

Capabilities (Standard Capabilities Included)

Bill of Materials Management

Efficiently and accurately maintain bill of materials (BOM) information with the BOM management solutions.

Distributed Collaboration

Drive collaboration throughout your organization, whether it’s in just one place or around the world. Keep people connected, up to date, and working on the same set of data, regardless of their location.

Regulatory Compliance

Help companies in regulated fields (like medical device development) comply with government regulatory requirements or industry standards for controlled development processes and product documentation by increasing operational efficiency, ensuring regulations are met, and generating the information needed to demonstrate compliance.

Engineering Change Management

Automatically expedite the flow of information instead of managing engineering changes through manual or paper-based methods—often so time-consuming that they require full-time staff to coordinate.

Enterprise Scalability

Easily connect the design data needs of your entire enterprise, whether for just a few users in a single location or hundreds of contributors working in multiple locations around the world.


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