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SOLIDWORKS Professional

Gives you all the power of SOLIDWORKS Standard with additional capabilities that increase productivity, ensure accuracy, and help you communicate your design information more effectively.

With all the power of SOLIDWORKS Standard, SOLIDWORKS Professional provides additional capabilities that increase productivity, ensure accuracy, and help you communicate all design information more effectively. SOLIDWORKS Professional includes libraries of standard parts and fasteners, tools to automatically estimate manufacturing cost and to help utilize imported geometry, and utilities that search designs for errors.

Your designs can be realistically rendered with PhotoView 360 software and shared with the eDrawings Professional package, an easily deployed tool that lets everyone view, measure, and markup the design data.

SOLIDWORKS Professional Advantages

  1. Streamline your design process with SOLIDWORKS Professional
  2. Integrated data management system to tracks all design changes
  3. Photorealistic rendering allows you to share ideas without the need for physical prototypes
  4. Automatically estimate manufacturing cost
  5. Utilities that search designs for error
  6. Easily deployed tool that lets everyone view, measure, project information and tracks all design changes

Capabilities (Standard Capabilities Included)

Create 3D models from file formats created by most ECAD systems (.idf and PADS ASCII from Mentor Graphics), populating printed circuit boards with electrical components for use in fit and function studies or for creating SOLIDWORKS enclosure assemblies.

SOLIDWORKS PhotoView 360
Realistic photo rendering of SOLIDWORKS models with an easy-to-use drag and drop interface anyone can use.

SOLIDWORKS Design Checker
Verify dimensioning (including GD&T), fonts, sketches, materials, etc. Meet pre-defined criteria, or internal customer standards, as defined by rules or checking criteria.

SOLIDWORKS Task Scheduler
Allows you to set up tasks to perform at a future time.
E.g. Converting of neutral files to SOLIDWORKS document can be scheduled to run at off-peak hours.

Containing over 1 million parts conforming to international standards (ISO, ANSI, GOST, etc.) with both inch/metric options, Toolbox can select the correct size, length and style of fastener and its associated stack of related components (washers, nuts, etc.) to completely and accurately detail assemblies in minutes. Fully customizable to include company standards.

SOLIDWORKS eDrawings Professional
Review 2D drawings and 3D data together with non-SOLIDWORKS users. This email-friendly format supports SOLIDWORKS, DWG and other CAD formats, with mark-up, pan/zoom, rotate, section, virtual disassembly, with options to restrict measurement.

Dynamically evaluate impact of design decisions (materials, vendor, etc.) on manufacturing through use of templates and configurations to generate cost breakdowns and detailed reports.

Quickly and easily create solid models of parts or surfaces using point cloud data from any 3D scanner! Models are created automatically or manually, and an extensive set of tools are included for analyzing surfaces and modifying the scan data, mesh or resultant geometry.

Study the effects of tolerance variations on assemblies due to dimensional stack-up. Output results from Worst Case or Root Sum of Square Analysis and see automatically the contributing part or tolerance with the greatest influence on assembly stack-up.

SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard eliminates the overhead of managing SOLIDWORKS and DraftSight data on local and shared network drives. Integrations with SOLIDWORKS and DraftSight provides your organization with a highly productive data manage system to let users focus on design.

SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard
From static images to animations and immersive web content, SOLIDWORKS Visualization products deliver photographical content that clearly and emotionally depicts products in the real world.



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