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Enabling Experience-Driven Innovation

From Consumer Electronics to Control and Telecommunications Systems: High-Tech goods are no longer simply products that customers “own” but fundamental catalysts of change in how we live. Connectivity and intelligence are turning them into personal and professional experiences.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is enabling what can be called the “Internet of Experiences”, where a new class of cross-industry usages and business models go beyond physical products to include software, big data intelligence, networks and content ecosystems.


Be the first to market.


The Accelerated Device Industry Solution Experience powered by 3DEXPERIENCE platform is specifically tailored for mid-market High-Tech innovators. It provides critical capabilities to connect electronics, mechanical design and software teams with requirements and project management, as well as with external partners. This helps to accelarate and more efficiently manage the new product introduction process. 


Master the complexity of engineering software driven systems with optimal performance

Today's high-tech systems are multi-layered, highly interconnected and more and more mission critical. With a shared, modelled definition used across all engineering disciplines, it is much easier to create, improve and manage complex systems.

The Adaptive Connected Systems Solution unifies requirement engineering, system architecture definition, solutions design definition as well as performance validation.


High Performance Mechatronics provides a platform to synchronize electronics and mechanical CAD design. Together with advanced capabilities for enclosure design, multidisciplinary engineering team can now deliver perfectly designed and performaning products on stringent time and quality targets.