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CAMWorks, leading CAM Software for CNC Machining operations

Fully integrated computer-aided manufacturing (CAM Software) with SOLIDWORKS, CAMWorks, offers tons of ways for users to maximize efficiency, cutting down axis machining time and programming time with the help of Automatic Feature Recognition (AFR) and high-speed machining toolpaths. We're turning operations simple with our CAM system!

Key Features of CAMWorks:

  • Feature-Based Machining - increase productivity with the help of AFR that automatically recognizes multiple types of prismatic features on native SOLIDWORKS part models
  • Tolerance-Based Machining - automatically created CNC programs by using tolerances and features in 3D models
  • Knowledge-Based Machining - capture and reuse your programming's best practices with the help of patented TechDB
  • CAMWorks Virtual Machine - eliminate dry runs and set-up time by performing true G-Code simulation directly from the CNC machine
  • CAMWorks VoluMill™ - reduce cycle time for complex 3D shapes and prismatic parts by using a high-performance toolpath engine

Using computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) is the future because it's time-efficient and cost-savvy. Using CAMWorks will cut down time on the manufacturing process and help you become more cost-effective.

With CAMWorks being fully integrated with your computer-aided design (CAD) software, you can overcome challenges associated with the traditional disconnect between design and manufacturing. With an integrated CAD/CAM platform, you can reduce cycle times, control costs and improve quality, while simultaneously cultivating cooperation and collaboration between product design and manufacturing teams.

Ready to step up and be ahead in the manufacturing game? We are offering our latest SOLIDWORKS CAM technology: CAMWorks Standard, CAMWorks Premium, CAMWorks Turning Pro and CAMWorks Milling Pro packages. Contact us now!

CAMWorks Premium

CAMWorks Premium is the ultimate integrated CNC programming solution available for SOLIDWORKS®. CAMWorks Premium combines feature and knowledge-based machining, with a full suite of advanced multi-axis (3 through 5 axis) simultaneous milling capabilities and advanced turning and mill-turn capabilities into a single integrated easy to use axis machining system.


Reduce programming time by as much as 90% with CAMWorks software

The proprietary TECH DB can be used to automate families of parts and features to greatly reduce the time required to generate CNC programs

Accelerate your product development process by 80% with CAMWorks

Easily make changes on the design model and update toolpaths automatically with feature-based, design model associative, CAMWorks

Easy to use common user interface for all your CAD and CAM needs

CAMWorks being fully integrated with SOLIDWORKS, makes it a user-friendly interface for all of your CAD/CAM needs like complex milling, solid modeling, turning, multi-tasking machining, and wire and sinker EDM technology.

Seamlessly produce part into a single common database with all the integrated engineering and manufacturing information you need

Store all you engineering and manufacturing data in a single common database. Another advantage of CAMWorks being fully integrated within the SOLIDWORKS platform

  • Feature Recognition - Automatic -(AFR) and Interactive (IFR).
  • Automatically identify machinable prismatic shapes from design model.
  • Interactively create machinable features for design model.
  • Automatically or interactively create patterns of identical features.
  • Automatically creates work planes.
  • True Knowledge-Based Machining (KBM).
  • CAMWorks Technology Database (TechDB) captures your company’s methodology.
  • The TechDB contains complete Tooling Library in Metric & Imperial.
  • The Machine Tool & Controller database allows the ability to incorporate specific machine parameters.
  • Customize operations to machine features per your requirements based on the characteristics of the given feature.
  • Fully associative to Design Model. Tool path is updated automatically after a design model change.
  • Works with part or assembly documents with configurations.

Milling Standard

Turning Standard

Milling Professional

Turning ProfessionalPremium
2.5 Axis and Basic 3 Axis Millingxxxxx
Feature-Based Machining with Feature Recognitionxxxxx
Area Clear Roughing, Flat Area, and Z Level Finishingxxxxx
NC Editor with Backplotting - Powered by CIMCOxxxxx
Integrated Tolerance Based Machining (iTBM)xxxxx
Part Document Machiningxxxxx
Assembly Document Machiningxxxxx
Multiple CAM Con gurationsxxxxx
4 & 5 Axis Positioningxxxxx
VoluMill 2.5 Axis Roughingxxxxx
Turning for CNC Lathesxxxxx
Sub-Spindle Programmingxxxxx
Two Trurret Supportxxxxx
Rotary Millingxxxxx
3 Axis Milling – Advancedx
Advanced 3 Axis Roughing and Finishing Capabilitiesx
3 Axis Undercutting with Standard and Custom Toolsx
Sync Manager for Synchronized Machining

CAMWorks Virtual Machine Standard

4 & 5 Axis Simultaneous Milling