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Simplify the electronic design process, and enable the concurrent development of electronic and mechanical designs.

SOLIDWORKS PCB is a set of tools engineered to bridge the gap between electrical and mechanical designs. We’ve combined the best in PCB design technology with an easy-to-use interface and linked it with SOLIDWORKS CAD to give you an efficient design experience that gets your PCBs done quickly and easily. With a powerful and intuitive set of electronic design capabilities, and seamless integration with the SOLIDWORKS portfolio, designers can take advantage of intelligent ECAD-MCAD co-design early – and throughout – the design process and avoid costly design rework and eliminate or minimize potential defects saving time and money.




  • Easy to use and simplify electronic design process
  • Provides “free” supplier-link, version & variant control and circuit simulator
  • 2D/3D environment design and visualization
  • Enables concurrent development of electro-mechanical designs
  • No external files or add-ons needed for collaborations
  • Purpose-built electronic design tool, with collaboration at its core
  • NO error-prone conversion of data, NO STEP, .idf or .idx required.


  • Streamlined Schematic editing
  • Traditional 2D PCB Layout
  • Real-Time 3D Clearance Checking and Rule Checking
  • Electrical Integration and Mechanical Collaboration
  • Assisted or automatic routing
  • SOLIDWORKS Ecosystem


SOLIDWORKS PCB (Powered by Altium):

  • ECAD-MCAD Project Collaboration Services

  • Streamlined Schematic Editing

  • ECAD-MCAD ECO Process Management

  • Library Management

  • Support for Native SOLIDWORKS® Files Format

  • Real-Time Design Rule Checking

  • PCB Design Engine

  • PCB Connector