SOLIDWORKS 2016: Reduce Simulation Solving Time with Blended Curvature Mesh
  • SOLIDWORKS 2016: Reduce Simulation Solving Time with Blended Curvature Mesh

    Posted on Mar Mon, 2016 by seacad_admin

    Major improvements have been made in SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2016 meshing capabilities to help users achieve better quality and faster solving times. With the Blended Curvature Mesh, users are now able to create high definition mesh without increase the element count too much. The function is available with the other mesh options type:

    Together with this function is the Minimum Element Size Calculator which allows the user to quickly identify the smallest element in the mesh, both in the Global Mesh as well as in a mesh control plot.

    Just at a quick glance, you can see how these different meshers work on the same model:

    Standard Mesh

    Curvature-Based Mesh

    Blended Curvature Based Mesh

    From the images, it can be seen that the Blended Curvature Based Mesh is similar to the Curvature Based mesh in that it increases the density of the mesh on curved surfaces, but it does so more sparingly. Hence the element count is more reasonable. Below is the breakdown of the mesh using the default settings for each mesh type:

    Mesher Used Standard Mesh Curvature Mesh Alternate Curvature Mesh
    Mesh Control Defined Defined Defined
    Element size 6.19713 mm 6.19713 mm 6.19713 mm
    Tolerance 0.0337515 mm 0.112505 mm 0.112505 mm
    Total nodes 53,115 667,836 109,390
    Total elements 32,554 435,733 66,865
    Maximum Aspect Ratio 144 59 8,307
    % Aspect Ratio < 3 74.1 97.6 93.2
    % Aspect Ratio > 10 3.23 0.0179 0.372
    % of distorted elements (Jacobian) 0 0 0
    Time to complete mesh (hh:mm:ss) 0:00:19 0:00:29 0:00:24

    Having an aspect ratio of less than 3 is the desirable mesh configuration for accurate results. Here we see that there is more than 90% of the mesh that meets that, while reducing up to 85% of the number of elements needed! With this kind of element reduction, it is sure to shorten the solving time.

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