SOLIDWORKS 2016 User Interface – Above and Beyond!
  • SOLIDWORKS 2016 User Interface – Above and Beyond!

    Posted on Nov Mon, 2015 by seacad_admin

    SOLIDWORKS has always come up with great features with every new installment each year. These features allows us to not only design faster, but to achieve designs that we never could achieve in the past. However, SOLIDWORKS 2016 takes it to a whole new level, by not only adding new feature but having a new GUI which makes actions more accessible and intuitive.

    Such new GUI tweaks are like:

    1. Breadcrumb – which allows you to maximize your screen real estate, yet still have all the commands at your fingertips. Breadcrumbs work by categorizing commands relevant to different features based on your selection.

    For added convenience, pressing the ‘D’ key brings the breadcrumb toolbar to your mouse location. When you select the face icon, you have access to all of the commands or actions relevant to the face.

    Similarly, selecting the feature, body, parts, sub assemblies and assemblies delivers filtered commands for each level to get to the exact tool you want. The “D” key also brings the confirmation corner options to your mouse location saving further time and mouse travel. Pressing the “D” key a second time exits editing the part and returns to the top level assembly.

    2. Triad Manipulator – This larger symbol and with more distinct visual feedback makes it easier to adjust and see exactly which axis you are manipulating.

    3. Part Transparency during Mate Functions – A time saving enhancement in 2016 for mating is that selected parts become transparent when a mate is being applied, making it far easier for you to select overlapping components to complete the mate definition.

    4. Child Parent dependencies – In 2015 came the ability to see parent dependencies in your part features. Now in 2016 you can now see both parent and child dependencies. This makes it easier for you to understand the impact of modifications on downstream features in the design. You can also toggle the display to show parent and child, or just one of the dependencies.

    5. Expandable Selection List – Ever had too many selections for a feature and when you want to see all the items you have clicked, you would need to scroll all the way down? Now you can choose to expand the list so that you can see all your feature in one glance!

    Seeing is believing. So why not check out these new features for yourself in the video below:

    If you would like to try out the new SOLIDWORKS 2016 for yourself, feel free to contact us at +65 6372 1416 or email

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