SOLIDWORKS 2018 User Experience
  • SOLIDWORKS 2018 User Experience

    Posted on Nov Thu, 2017 by seacad_admin

    SOLIDWORKS 2018 SP0.1 was recently release. The new version is packed with exciting features making it the fastest and most advanced SOLIDWORKS ever.

    Out of all the features, there are a few that focus on the overall user experience, giving you more flexibility and control over your SOLIDWORKS products.

    SOLIDWORKS New Login

    The first thing you’ll notice with SOLIDWORKS 2018 is a new login option. You can now directly access your My.SOLIDWORKS account from the user interface.

    With SOLIDWORKS 2018, settings can now follow the account login to automatically keep your preferred settings wherever you log in, similar to Google Chrome and Windows 10.  This new option will be particularly valuable for users who like personalized customizations.


    SOLIDWORKS Admin Portal

    For users who have multiple SOLIDWORKS products and services, controlling and checking the usage of these may prove to be difficult in the past. In SOLIDWORKS 2018, the SOLIDWORKS Admin Portal will be a new online tool that will help you manage all your assets easily.

    Administrators can see where their activated assets are and when they are set to expire in real time. Administrators can even control and associate products to specific users allowing for greater control over the licences and when needed, they can easily create reports of their assets through this tool as well.


    SOLIDWORKS Online Licensing Mode

    SOLIDWORKS Standalone licenses can also be set to “Online Licensing” to give a particular user the flexibility to install and use this license on any machine and as many machines as needed. Users simply have to login on SOLIDWORKS and the session will be activated automatically.

    This eliminates the process of manual activating and deactivating the SOLIDWORKS when changing hardware which could be tedious and troublesome. In SOLIDWORKS 2018, when a session is closed, the software would be deactivated and users can start SOLIDWORKS on a different machine immediately.

    These Standalone licenses can be switched back to “Offline” mode for any travelling users to utilize SOLIDWORKS even when they do not have internet access.

    A SOLIDWORKS that gives you more flexibility and control

    These features are just part of the other enhancements that SOLIDWORKS 2018 offered which give you more flexibility and control of your SOLIDWORKS products.

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