The Automatic Feature Recognition (AFR) in SOLIDWORKS CAM 2018
  • The Automatic Feature Recognition (AFR) in SOLIDWORKS CAM 2018

    Posted on Nov Wed, 2017 by seacad_admin

    SOLIDWORKS 2018 comes with the new product called SOLIDWORKS CAM, it uses rules-based machining to enhance the programming process in the same way while leveraging tolerances that were assigned to the component. Rules-based machining allows users to focus on the critical areas of making a part rather than touching every feature that needs to be machined.


    • SOLIDWORKS CAM is fully integrated with SOLIDWORKS CAD that combines Design and Manufacturing in one application.
    • Rules-Based Machining automatically makes decisions based on geometry and standards.
    • Feature-based CAM follows a similar workflow to parametric modeling.
    • SOLIDWORKS CAM allows users to create machining strategies several different ways similar to how SOLIDWORKS allows users to design the same part different ways. This flexibility makes it easy for new users to understand different machining strategies.
    • Tolerance-based Machining automatically reads the SOLIDWORKS MBD information. Machining strategies get applied after reading the tolerances from SOLIDWORKS MBD.


    Automatic Feature Recognition (AFR): Milling

    In this post, we are going to explore more on the Automatic Feature Recognition (AFR) feature in SOLIDWORKS CAM.

    SOLIDWORKS CAM has the capability to recognise all the features from the designed part or assembly. Automatic Feature Recognition tool will automatically detect all the machinable operation from the designed module which means this tool will auto detect all the features such as holes, pockets, boss and slots from the SOLIDWORKS part model and create a machinable operations inside the CAM.

    With the use of the AFR Feature in SOLIDWORKS CAM, users like designer, manufacturers and CNC programmers can speend less time thinking about the machining operations for these features.

    Here are the steps to generate toolpath for the complete machinable features:

    Step 1: You do not have to create a CAM programming manually once we have the SOLIDWORKS part module. SOLIDWORKS CAM automatically detect all those parameters and make a tool path with just one click.


    Step 2: Select the geometry


    Step 3: Select the machine type


    Step 4: Select the stock and material


    Step 5: Setup the coordinate system


    Step 6: Click the “Extract Machinable Feature” button once you are done with the geometry to create all those machinable features automatically


    Step 7: Then click the next button for create operational plan automatically


    Step 8: Generate “toolpath” button to make tool path automatically


    Step 9: Then simulate toolpath to check the machine operations in Simulation


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