SOLIDWORKS Electrical unable to connect to Database?
  • SOLIDWORKS Electrical unable to connect to Database?

    Posted on Jul Fri, 2019 by seacad_admin

    A common error that may arise when using SOLIDWORKS Electrical is that it is unable to connect to database.

    Before I get started, there could be many reasons why this error could occur. I am going to explain three common fixes that normally take care of the problem.

    1. Check to see that the SQL server is running. You can do this by right clicking on the windows start menu –> computer management –> Services and Applications –> Services.

    SOLIDWORKS Electrical Cannot Connect to Database2

    Navigate to the above SQL Server –> right-click –> start.

    Once you click start, launch SOLIDWORKS Electrical and see if you can connect to the database. If you cannot connect, move onto step 2.

    2. Open SOLIDWORKS Electrical –> Tools –> Application Settings –> databases.

    SOLIDWORKS Electrical Cannot Connect to Database3

    You need to make sure all the information within the Server name is correct per the computer you are on. If you make changes, click apply –> restart SOLIDWORKS Electrical, If this doesn’t work, move onto step 3.
    3. Another common reason an error like this could occur is that your firewall could be blocking access to the database. There needs to be an open channel of communication.
    These three essential steps will allow SOLIDWORKS Electrical users to resolve cannot connect to database error.



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