SOLIDWORKS Electrical suite of solutions help companies simplify the electrical design process and enable concurrent development of electrical and mechanical aspects of a design.

Here are the top reasons why you should use SOLIDWORKS Electrical solutions.

  • Comprehensive and powerful tools for managing all aspects of your electrical design for embedded electrical systems
  • Directly integrated with other SOLIDWORKS solutions for streamlined and efficient workflow, better productivity, and standardized designs
  • Bi-directional, real-time association for synchronizing 2D schematics and 3D mechanical models


Simplify the process of embedded electrical system design with tools designed for the engineering discipline through seamless integration of electrical design elements within a 3D model.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical solutions are crucial parts of the SOLIDWORKS Design and Simulation portfolio that allow engineers to establish an integrated design at the initial stage of the design process, reducing the risk of rework, and getting their products to market faster – with less physical prototyping.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical offers different portfolios for your electrical design needs. Choose from our range of SOLIDWORKS Electrical solutions.

Integrate your complex electrical systems today. Choose from the following SOLIDWORKS Electrical solutions we have.