Modifying / Repair the existing Installation (License Manager Server)
  • Modifying / Repair the existing Installation (License Manager Server)

    Posted on Jun Tue, 2018 by seacad_admin

    When is it required to modify the SolidWorks Network License Manager installation?

    Scenario: 1 Change serial number or add more solidworks network serial number into same server.

    Example: If your company acquires new network license and add it to the same SolidNetWork license manage. Note more than one SolidWorks Network license can be added into the SolidNetWork license manager by typing comma (,) after the end of the serial number.

    Steps for Modifying the Installation:

    1. First check the existing SOLIDWORKS Version and Service Pack.(Refer to how to find the serial number, version and service pack guide)

    2. Ensure the Copy of the installation files are available. (DVD or the Installation file folder) If the existing version is SOLIDWORKS 2018 SP3.0 then you need the Installation files or DVD of SOLIDWORKS 2018 SP3.0. (Refer to Downloading the installation files guide)

    3. If you are going to migrate the license manager to the new server, Make sure to Transfer/Deactivate the license first.

    4. In the server, Go to the control panel – Programs and features – Right click the SOLIDWORKS SolidNetWork License Manager – Choose Change.


    5. SolidNetWork License Manager setup will open up. Click Next in the first page.


    6. Choose Modify to add serial number or to change serial number.

    7. Choose Repair, if you have an issues in SolidNetwork License Manager.

    8. Choose remove to uninstall the license manager. (Before remove, Transfer/Deactivate the license)


    9. In the next page after choosing modify, add/change the serial number. Click Next.


    10. Click Install to modify the installation.


    11. After few minutes, Installation will be completed and click finish.


    12. Newly added serial number (if any) need to be actiavated, Launch the SolidNetWork License manager again (Step 4) and Refer to activate/reactivation guide.


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    Author: Vishnu Shankar – Engineer Manager at SEACAD Technologies Ltd

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