Reactivation SolidNetwork license manager
  • Reactivation SolidNetwork license manager

    Posted on Jun Thu, 2018 by seacad_admin

    When will you need to reactivate SolidNetWork license manager?

    • Reactivate to refresh the license count in the license manager.
    • Upon purchasing additional license count for the network license, then the license manager need to be reactivated to reflect the additional license count.

    The guide of SolidNetWork license manager reactivation:

    1. Launch SolidNetwork License Manager Server from Start menu (Start>All Programs> SolidWorks 20XX > SolidWorks Tools> SolidNetwork License Manager)


    2. Select “Modify” button in “Server administration” tab.


    3. Choose Activate/Reactivate your product licenses


    4. In the next page check the computer name and port number for reference and click Next.


    5. Choose automatically over the internet and click Next.

    6. In case if there is a restricted internet access, Choose Manually Via email. (Please follow the steps for manual transfer from the standalone guide)


    7. Activation will be successful and click Finish.


    Note: After reactivating the SolidNetwork license Manager, User can check the updated license counts for the product from the SolidNetWork license Manager thru License Usuage tab.(Refer to the guide “How to check license usage and borrowed license”).

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    Author: Vishnu Shankar – Engineer Manager at SEACAD Technologies Ltd

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