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    To install your SOLIDWORKS Standalone license on your machine, please follow the steps given below:



    Before start to install SOLIDWORKS, please make sure:

    1. Log in as the Local Administrator on the computer. This is to ensure that you have full permissions on the entire machine.
    2. If using any Anti-virus or Antispyware, it should be completely disabled before the installation. Later once the installation is finished it can be Turned ON.
    3. It is recommended to disable your user account controls as it will cause conflicts during the installation.


    Installation Steps:

    1. Insert the SOLIDWORKS 2019 DVD.
    2. Right Click on “exe” file, select “Run as Administrator”.11
    1. In the SOLIDWORKS 2019 Installation manager, select “Individual (on this computer)” and click Next.22
    2. In the SOLIDWORKS 2019 Installation manager “Key in your Serial Number” and click Next33
    3. NOTE: If you have earlier version of SOLIDWORKS installed, please select:

    NEW Installation instead of upgrade from current version

    1. On the summary page, click “CHANGE” under “Installation Location”44
    1. Under Installation Location, Add location C:\Program Files\SOLIDWORKS Corp 2019 or click “Browse” and add “2019” to the end of the installation folder. (C:\Program files\SOLIDWORKS Corp 2019). Click “OK” and “Back to Summary”.55
    1. Under “Toolbox/Hole Wizard Options”, Add location C:\SOLIDWORKS Data 2019 click “Browse” for “Create a new 2019 Toolbox”. Type “2019” at the end of the current folder location (C:\SOLIDWORKS Data 2019), click “OK” and “Back to Summary66
    1. On the Summary page, tick “I accept the terms of the SOLIDWORKS” and click “Install Now”.77
    1. Upon the completion of the installation, click “Finish88
    1. Restart the workstation after the installation


    1. After installing SOLIDWORKS on your machine, you need to activate the license in order to use. To do so, Launch SOLIDWORKS icon.

    A pop-up box with message “No SOLIDWORKS license activated, please activate the license“, select “Yes99

    1. Select “I want to activate my SOLIDWORKS product now “, and click “Next1010
    1. Select “Automatically over the internet (recommended)”. – (Internet Connection required) and key in your email address for documentation purposes, and click “Next
    1. Connect to SOLIDWORKS server and activate license.1111
    1. Activation Succeeded. And the product(s) activated will be shown under the dialogue box1212
    1. Click “Finish” and SOLIDWORKS will be launched automatically.

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