SolidWorks Macro Recorder tutorial
  • SolidWorks Macro Recorder tutorial

    Posted on Jun Fri, 2018 by seacad_admin

    Have plenty of repetitive steps while working with Solidworks? Use the Macro Recorder to record the steps and save you time by automating your steps. Don’t worry, this can be done without any knowledge of coding.

    1. Accessing the Macro Toolbar

    • Go To Tools > Macro


    • Right Click on CommandManager > Macro


    • Search Commands at the top right hand corner, type “Macro” and Select “Macro…”

    32. Using the Macro Toolbar


    • Press the Recording/Pause button to start.
    • Proceed with the steps that you wish to record.
    • Click the Stop button and you will be prompted to save the macro.
    • Play the macro to automate the steps.

    Source: Bernard Chong – Application Engineer at SeaCAD

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