SOLIDWORKS PDM – Manage Standard Libraries and Project Folders
  • SOLIDWORKS PDM – Manage Standard Libraries and Project Folders

    Posted on Jul Tue, 2016 by seacad_admin

    When you manage assemblies which contains many parts, you would probably reuse certain part files to speed up the design process. Standard parts such as bolts/nuts, or maybe basic sub-assemblies such as motors and actuators (which will be procured from the same vendor) can quickly be reinserted if they were used in other projects. This would mean that your data will be stored as such:

    Solidworks pdm

    Here are 4 assembly/project folders, with a standard part called part D. Inserting the component may be easy, but sometimes users may forget that Part D was a standard part, and they may edit it. What happens is that changes may not only be reflected in their assembly/project but everybody else’s. And those other users may not even be aware of these changes!

    This is where SOLIDWORKS PDM comes in to help. By using PDM to assign folder permissions to various groups, we are able to prevent people from making changes to core files which may be used in multiple folders. This way, you can be assured that your assemblies are not changed by other users. Here is a quick video showing this capability:

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