SOLIDWORKS PDM Studio – Breakdown
  • SOLIDWORKS PDM Studio – Breakdown

    Posted on Mar Wed, 2016 by seacad_admin

    On 17th March 2016, SEACAD Technologies had the first ever PDM Studio in Singapore. We had several companies who are keen in implementing a data management system in attendance to try it out for themselves.

    The agenda was simple. Each attendee was given a role such as a Manager, Engineer, Purchaser and Sales in a company called “The Awesome Company” in which had just received a huge project to work on. The project was created and started by the manager, in which the Engineer is informed through the PDM system. While the engineers work at it, PDM is in the background capturing all the revisioning of the files and kept the entire company in the loop of the progress. When they are done, approval systems helps keep the project in check, making sure that the necessary inputs and approvals are given before progressing through the next stage. People who are not CAD users but needs access to essential data (such as the BOM list for the purchaser), are also able to extract only the data they need without much hassle through the use of PDM.

    Though it was the first time we ever pulled it off, we managed to answer some of the important questions by the attendees such as:

    1. If we have a new employee, will it be easy for them to manoeuvre through EPDM?
    Answer: Yes, as long as they know how to use Microsoft, they can use EPDM as the interface is similar. Also we have free EPDM user training for active subscribers all year round

    2. Can we have EPDM syncing data across multiple sites in different location?
    Answer: Yes, with EPDM professional

    3. Can we access data through a web browser if we are outside the office?
    Answer: Yes, using EPDM Web2 Client

    4. Scalability and time frame for implementation

    “I find that this way is better to show a data management systems than through a demo. Data Management should be felt, not shown”

    “I feel more confident about using PDM in our company, knowing that there is no barrier to adopting it in our office”

    SEACAD Technologies will be having another PDM studio in April, but if you would like to have a private session with just your company personnel, feel free to arrange with us at +65 6372 1416 or email

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