SOLIDWORKS Treehouse – the right tool for “Top-Down” design planning
  • SOLIDWORKS Treehouse – the right tool for “Top-Down” design planning

    Posted on Nov Wed, 2018 by seacad_admin

    Finding the right design method is always crucial to Mechanical designers. “Top-down” design method is one of the most mainstream method in the design industry currently.


    According to the top-down design method, designer must have a comprehensive understanding of the entire system. Then he or she needs to start from the top assembly, and build the skeleton of the assembly structure level one by one, until all the modules in the system is decomposed. The designer does not need to decides on the details features of the components, but more focused on the file structure of the assembly.


    Many 3D CAD design system in the market now allows “top-down” design. But most of them only allow this “top-down” design in the CAD feature tree and is not really flexible enough to define the entire skeleton before the actual modelling starts. In order to build the structure properly, we need a special product planning tool, and SOLIDWORKS Treehouse is such a tool.


    In SOLIDWORKS Treehouse, it allows you to set the design structure to be completed flexibly, including the instructions on whether to complete the part drawing. To create the structure, you just need to drag the structure file on the left into the interface and it will be integrated with the existing structure automatically.


    At this stage, the planner, normally is technical manager or principle engineer, can allocate the design task according to the customer’s requirements. Custom properties can also be defined as this planning stage.


    After this planning is complete, we can also export the BOM. The exported structure can be sent to procurement or manufacturing departments as the early-stage design BOM.


    Finally, SOLIDWORKS Treehouse can also be used as a analysis tool for existing assemblies. You can import an existing assembly in Treehouse. Designers can discuss the possible improvements that can be made to the existing designs.


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