SOLIDWORKS Visualize – Try It Today!
  • SOLIDWORKS Visualize – Try It Today!

    Posted on May Tue, 2016 by seacad_admin

    Here is a quick question, how do you make a buying decision on a daily basis? Do you:

    • Get all the information before hand?
    • Get something based on your gut instinct?
    • Buy something based on how it looks?

    There is no right or wrong with how you buy things, but these methods mentioned above never work alone. For example, there are two companies selling a coffee machine, let’s call them Company A and Company B. Both of them have a finished concept and both of them were to talk about their product using the image below:

    Company A Product

    Company B Product

    Which one would you go with? My best guess is that you would go with Company B, as it:

    1. Looks more aesthetically pleasing
    2. Looks like a finished product, which gives you confidence in investing
    3. With the details, you can easily imagine yourself using it

    If you are a buyer who wants all the facts, aesthetics may not turn you off. But what if you are evaluating the products from 10 or more different companies? You would probably try to narrow down your search, and its details and aesthetics like this that gets you included in the search pool. In fact, a buying decision usually follows a path:

    Something catches your eyes (subconscious) >> Getting the facts (conscious) >> Buy or Not Buy

    A lot of the time, the subconscious decision making will start the buying process which is why aesthetics are important. Appearance and visuals are getting much more important in today’s competitive market, and a company may not afford to wait till production for them to get their first realistic visuals for selling and marketing purposes. So why not start creating realistic renderings even in the design phase?

    SOLIDWORKS Visualize provides just that, the capability of providing realistic rendering of CAD models from many major CAD softwares such as:

    • Autodesk
    • Solidedge
    • NX
    • And many more!

    We have done a full explanation on SOLIDWORKS Visualize on our previous blog article which you can find it here. There is even a free trial for SOLIDWORKS Visualize, where you can request from us!

    Our experts will get in touch with you on how to get SOLIDWORKS Visualize up and running! So don’t wait, get your FREE SOLIDWORKS Visualize Trial today!

    For a quick tutorial on SOLIDWORKS Visualize, you can either check out the tutorial on MySolidWorks:

    Or if you’re looking to buy SOLIDWORKS products or implement SOLIDWORKS Visualize in your organisation in Singapore, do feel free to contact us for a demonstration! We have a capable team of Visualize users to help you get started. You can contact us at +65 6372 1416 or email and we will be happy to help you!

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