Solution for SOLIDWORKS Electrical SQL Connection Error
  • Solution for SOLIDWORKS Electrical SQL Connection Error

    Posted on Aug Mon, 2016 by seacad_admin

    “Cannot connect to database” error is one of the most common errors you might run into when launching SOLIDWORKS Electrical. There are many reasons that caused this error, one of the reason is due to SOLIDWORKS Electrical SQL server not running. In this article, we will show you the ways to resolve this issue.


    Method 1: Verify that the SQL Server service is running

    • One of the very first method you need to approach is to check if the SQL server is running. To do this, navigate to the services using window start >> Search for services >> Run as Administrator.


    • Within the services panel, scroll to the SQL server (TEW_SQLEXPRESS) >> Check that it has not been stopped or requires a restart >> Right click to Start it >> Ensure the status has changed to “Started

    Note: “TEW_SQLEXPRESS” is the default name for SQL instance, however your particular SQL instance may be named differently as defined during the initial install, e.g.: TEW_SQLEXPRESS1


    • If the problem still persists, kindly go to Method 2.

    Method 2: Verify that the SQL Application Settings in SWE are Correct

    • The program is configured to look in the wrong location for the SQL server.  In SOLIDWORKS Electrical go to the Tools tab >> Application Settings >> Databases.


    • Check that the correct Server name is used.  This is the name of the PC/Server where the SQL Server has been installed, followed by “\” and then the name of the SQL Server instance.


    Problem will be resolved after following the above steps. If you need any further assistance, please contact our technical support at +65 6226 3784 or email

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