Technical Support Tip: Missing Diameter symbol “MOD-DIA”
  • Technical Support Tip: Missing Diameter symbol “MOD-DIA”

    Posted on Apr Mon, 2016 by seacad_admin

    This post is about fixing a bug that you may encounter when it comes to the drawing file, whereby in the dimensioning, instead of having the Diameter Symbol (Ø), the users sees the <MOD-DIAM> sign.

    To rectify this technical issue, there are a few ways to do so.


    This rare case occurs for users

    • When they have upgraded their SOLIDWORKS versions
    • When “Symbol Library File” is not pointed to the correct directory
    • Corrupted “GTOL.SYM” file in the SOLIDWORKS files and folders on your local drive


    In the case for user who have upgraded their SOLIDWORKS version and have this issue, restarting the PC would generally solves. If still diameter symbol appears as MOD-DIA follow the method below,

    Pointing file to correct location:

    • Try to find the GTOL.SYM file in your local disk, the default path would be “C:Program FilesSolidworks corpSolidworks<version>langEnglish. If you did not install SOLIDWORKS at the default location, then search for the file in windows explorer.
    • If you are not able to find this file in your directory, you can copy from any other PC where it displays Diameter symbol as required and paste it.

    • Open SOLIDWORKS, Tools > Options > System Options > File Locations, on the drop down list box, choose “Symbol Library File” and make sure it is pointed to the directory where “GTOL.SYM” is located, If not Click on “ADD” and provide the path to the file

    If the above method doesn’t work, though you have “GTOL.SYM” in the location and file being pointed in the correct direction under “File locations” in SOLIDWORKS, copy the file “GTOL.SYM” from another PC where diameter symbol is displayed as required and overwrite in the default path given above.

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