“SOLIDWORKS has helped reduce the design time and we are extensively using the 2D and 3D conversion features and presentation tools to improve our productivity and effectiveness.”

Mr. C Y Liew

Senior Engineer

“We use SOLIDWORKS Simulation because it reduces the time taken on trials and prototyping process.”

Mr. Frank Feng


“Our company has made the switch from other 2D and 3D CAD software because of SOLIDWORKS’ short learning curve. It’s very easy for our engineers to learn the extensive functionality in SOLIDWORKS and start designing within one week. The features are stronger than other 3D CAD software we have used and evaluated and are a perfect fit for our company. SOLIDWORKS can be seamlessly integrated into other CAD, CAM, and other applications easily, and allows us to streamline the entire manufacturing process.”

Mr. Foo Say Kitt

Director of Manufacturing

“Intuitive 3D modelling functions make it easier to check and modify my models without going through unnecessary steps. Tight integration of Flow Simulation with SOLIDWORKS also makes analyzing 3D structures much easier; I can design whatever I need and simulate directly without the over-simplification required by other competitive flow software products.”

Loke Mun Hong


“We renew our subscription service with SEACAD because we find value in using the SolidCAM software which helps to save time in manufacturing. It reduces error and increase our productivity thus allowing us to receive more projects in the future.”

C Y Tan

Engineering Manager

“Previously we typed the G-codes to cut parts manually and it took up a lot of our time. Now with SolidCAM, creating the programs to cut our parts is very easy; about 4 to 5 times faster than before we had SolidCAM and for larger parts over 5 times faster. It helps to reduce errors and increases productivity so we can complete more projects than ever before.”

Si Hao

CAM Engineer

“SOLIDWORKS allowed us to better present our designs to sales and customers in 3D model making it easy to visualize our initial design concepts. We are able to give 3D data to our suppliers making fabrication more accurately and shorten lead-time.

Ms. Jessica Toh


“With SOLIDWORKS, our company was able to design directly in 3D, and generate isometric and 2D drawings automatically. The transparency function allowed the designers to visualize the hidden and intersecting pipes in an enclosed space. Ease of generating production drawings for a 3000-part assembly thus reducing design time by 50%.”

Mr. Tan Kee Chow

Technical Manager

“SOLIDWORKS PDM provides real-time sharing between various sites. In the past, we used to encounter problems such as mismatched of information and communication. With SOLIDWORKS PDM, it has improved our documentation storage, in regards to revision control. Information can be easily retrieve using SOLIDWORKS PDM such as extracting the past data on parts or assemblies.”

Wilson Chua

Senior Engineer

“Currently our company is in progress of fully utilizing SOLIDWORKS into our designs and members of SEACAD are fully supportive in terms of our queries and requests. Thank you very much!”

Ms. Rochelle Gorospe

“I am glad to have this software. This will be better for our company to move forward to designing field rather than providing machining services only. Thank you for the SEACAD Staffs for providing us such service and support.”

Mr. Ngo Keng Hin

“SOLIDWORKS improves design process by reducing time to do design compare to other software. More flexibility for designer to manipulate drawings.”

Mr. Sunny Notorahardjo