The Evolution – SOLIDWORKS 2016 Launch Part 2
  • The Evolution – SOLIDWORKS 2016 Launch Part 2

    Posted on Oct Thu, 2015 by seacad_admin

    Refreshment Time!

    Refreshment Refreshment Refreshment

    After the refreshment, everyone gathered back at the concert hall to watch SOLIDWORKS 2016 unveiled by SEACAD Engineering Experts!

    Next up, SEACAD Engineering Manager, Wayne Poh gave a short presentation on our new future 3D printer, the Airwolf! It is an Axiom 3D Printer, offering high resolution, speed and ease-of-use.

    The last speaker was Mr Amod Onkar from SolidCAM. He presented on how SolidCAM can help to increase efficiency in CNC milling operation.

    And finally the last part of our launch! Tokens of appreciation were given to our speakers and the lucky draw was conducted.

    Congratulations to our Grand Prize, Apple Watch’s Winner!

    This marked the end of this year, The Evolution – SOLIDWORKS 2016 Launch! Our launch would not have been make possible without your support, we hope you have gained insights on how SOLIDWORKS 2016 can make great design happen! Till we meet again next year!

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