Thread Creation in SOLIDWORKS 2016 – It Just Got Easier!
  • Thread Creation in SOLIDWORKS 2016 – It Just Got Easier!

    Posted on Nov Mon, 2015 by seacad_admin

    Depending on the nature of your design work process, creating threads on a part may or may not be an important aspect of the design. If the screw thread is not to be evaluated mechanically, there is always an option to just place the appearance of a screw thread which is easy to do and keeps the size of the file small.

    However if you do need to create the thread feature in SOLIDWORKS, it is possible by creating a helix/spiral spline and then doing a loft cut along the spline to create the thread. It is a very easy method which can be executed quickly, which can be seen in this tutorial below on how to create a threaded bolt:

    If that was not fast enough, SOLIDWORKS 2016 makes it even faster to create threads, whether it be a standard thread or a customised thread.

    Control the pitch or the diameter, the control is in your hands. Also now that the feature is tied down to the model, any changes to the shaft will automatically update the length of the thread area.

    Have a look at how fast thread creation is now in SOLIDWORKS 2016!

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