Great businesses not only require outstanding business solutions but talents with exceptional skills set as well. If you're looking for training for SOLIDWORKS CAD software, the leading choice for mechanical engineers, drafters, and manufacturing design professionals across a vast array of industries, we have the solution for you.

Through our SOLIDWORKS training courses, you can master this robust CAD tool that helps get your innovative ideas into production faster.

SEACAD Training Academy

More than just a partner, SEACAD Technologies aims to deliver a holistic solution to every customer’s needs to drive innovation and business transformation while nurturing long-term growth strategy, hence the founding of SEACAD Training Academy.

SEACAD Training Academy offers a wide range of training to help you keep up with the constant evolution of SOLIDWORKS. From the basics of design to deep-dive tutorials on how to better use its tools to develop your products better, our pool of SOLIDWORKS Certified Specialists is dedicated to each product line to focus on equipping you with the skills needed to thrive and exceed your long-term business goals.

We provide a range of certified SOLIDWORKS® training courses from intuitive SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD, Assembly Modeling, SOLIDWORKS Simulation, SOLIDWORKS Electrical to SOLIDWORKS PDM and SOLIDWORKS Visualize, we’ve got you covered.

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SOLIDWORKS is the only CAD platform that has a holistic integrated ecosystem. It is widely used and applicable in almost every engineering industry and supports most of the file formats which helps designers to collaborate efficiently – a few key features why it stands apart from other CAD tools.

SOLIDWORKS offers integrated solutions that support the entire enterprise, from creating best-in-class connected products to supporting downstream disciplines, from concept to manufacturing.

SOLIDWORKS users continuously score higher in many industries, ranging from automotive, manufacturing, mechanical engineering, aerospace, and more.

What do We Offer?


Whether you are an existing SOLIDWORKS user who want to develop your 3D CAD skills, resume SOLIDWORKS training or simply want to learn how to use SOLIDWORKS for the first time, our SOLIDWORKS Training Courses will help you achieve your goals, whatever they might be.

Our SOLIDWORKS training courses include:


Within the SOLIDWORKS 3D course that we offer, you'll learn:

  • 3D Fundamentals (how to use SOLIDWORKS sketch tools to create parts drawing templates, basic modeling features, and annotations)
  • 3D Essentials (SOLIDWORKS Essentials covers the very basics to 3D sketching, basic modeling models, design changes and patterning. Create parts and assemblies for structural engineering)
  • Assembly Modeling (Learn Assembly Modeling techniques like advanced mate techniques, assembly editing and features, manage large assemblies, SOLIDWORKS Treehouse, and more)
  • Drawings (teaching users how to create advanced drawings of SOLIDWORKS parts)
  • Advanced Part Modeling (covers multi-body solids, sheet metal, lofting & sweeping features, and advanced shaping solutions for mechanical components)

Each SOLIDWORKS Training Course includes case studies, training support in the form of training files utilized as exercises for the participants.


This training course encompasses the fundamentals of 2D CAD using DraftSight software. Getting acquainted with:

  • Drawing creation
  • Dimensional and geometric spheres
  • Templates
  • Object manipulation
  • Replicating & modifying 3D geometries, and more


This training course encompasses the fundamentals of 2D CAD using DraftSight software. Getting acquainted with:

  • Electrical Schematic (2D) (covers creation and modifying project templates, drawing types, symbols and components, wires and equipotentials, cabling and more)
  • Electrical (3D) (covers assembly creation, cabinets, ducts and rails, routing wires and cables, component intelligence and inserting components)
  • PCB Essentials (SOLIDWORKS PCB fundamentals and user interface, working with PCB Design projects, creating schematic templates and symbols, Origin and grid configuration, footprint creation and more)


SOLIDWORKS Simulation training encompasses:

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