Turn your SOLIDWORKS Motion Videos into a Hologram!
  • Turn your SOLIDWORKS Motion Videos into a Hologram!

    Posted on Nov Thu, 2015 by seacad_admin

    SOLIDWORKS has always been in the fore-front of innovation, but so are their users! Artem Taturevich, a genius in my book, has created a way to turn your SOLIDWORKS Motion studies into a hologram, using an API code he created and a simple plastic pyramid. And the results are mind blowing.

    What we have here is a phone on top playing the video created by the app.

    The app is In-Built in SOLIDWORKS. From SOLIDWORKS Motion study, the study is created and the app converts it into a specific video type. While this video is being played, the plastic pyramid through the method of diffraction gives the hologram feel.

    Here is to hoping he releases this app to public. However if you would like to know more about SOLIDWORKS Motion and how it can help you analyse the kinematic requirements, do contact us at +65 6372 1416 or email

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