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Course Duration:  0.5 Day

Main Topics Covered:

  • Do you know the difference between Standalone and Network License?
  • Do you know the differneces between SOLIDWORKS Standard, Professional and Premium?
  • How to install SOLIDWORKS standalone license and network version license on your hardware (Prevent mix up different Version Data)?
  • For network version license, how to borrow, activate and deactivate license?
  • Why client unable to access the license in server?
  • How to improvise PC performance by customizing settings in SOLIDWORKS 2022?
  • How to troubleshoot SOLIDWORKS crashes and package all the data for SEACAD [ Value Added Reseller (VAR) ] technical support?
  • How to check hardware specifications for SOLIDWORKS usage?
  • How to do Benchmark Test on your computer or laptop?
  • How to use customer portal account to get the latest updates for SOLIDWORKS? Ex: Service pack releases.