SOLIDWORKS CAM Standard Course


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Course Duration: 2 Day
Compulsory Prerequisite: 
  • Experience with CNC programming

  • SOLIDWORKS Essentials Course

Main Topics Covered:
  • SOLIDWORKS CAM Basics and User Interface
  • Automatic Feature Recognition (AFR) and Operation Modification
  • Interactive Feature Recognition (IFR)
  • Interactive 2.5 Axis Mill Operations
  • Merging Features and Operations
  • Avoid and Contain Areas
  • Pattern Features and Mirror Toolpaths
  • Advanced Features and Operations
  • Customizing the Technology Database

Course Outline:

  • Learn how to create 2.5 axis milling features and operation to generate toolpaths and NC code for a SOLIDWORKS part
  • Learn some additional advanced feature types and techniques
  • Learn how to add a user defined tool, add a new machine definition, and add tool and machining strategies by customizing the Technology Database