How to upgrade/migrate SolidNetwork License Manager
  • How to upgrade/migrate SolidNetwork License Manager

    Posted on Jul Thu, 2018 by seacad_admin

    The License Manager can be upgraded from an older version. Use the new License Manager Installation files to upgrade. It should be noted that the SolidNetwork License Manager must be the same version or newer than that of all SolidWorks clients (where version refers to the year). The License Manager can provide licenses for several prior versions.

    For an upgrade, the server PC already has an existing installation.
    For a migration, the purpose is to transfer the Network License and install the server on a new PC

    The following examples will help you to understand more:
    – SW 2017 SP1.0 server can run SW 2017 SP2.0 client
    – SW 2017 SP1.0 server cannot run SW 2018 clients
    – SW 2017 SP1.0 server can run SW 2017 and below clients

    1. Ensure login as user with ADMINISTRATOR RIGHTS. If there are no administrator rights, please contact your MIS/IT department for login as local user with administrator rights.


    2. Please note that if you are using an anti-virus, it is possible that it may block the installation of the SolidWorks software or Windows components. Hence, one may need to turn anti-virus off during install and reboot of the system.


    3. Ensure Windows firewall is disabled. Consult your MIS/IT department on disabling the firewall


    4. Make sure no clients PC borrow out license from the current SolidWorks License Server, all clients which using SolidWorks please close SolidWorks and no license is being used during this upgrade process


    For upgrade/migration: Transfer out the license from the existing server computer

    5. Launch SolidNetwork License Manager Server from Start menu (Start>All Programs> SolidWork 20XX > SolidWork Tools> SolidNetwork License Manager)



    6. Select “Modify” button in “Server administration” tab



    7. Select “Transfer a software license” and click “Next”



    8. Select the Serial Number listed within the serial column and “Next >”


    9. To activate and obtain the SolidWorks license: Select the product to activate (or click “Select all”, and the activation method. If the computer has an active internet connection, then one can select “Automatically over the internet”. Enter the email address and click “Next” to complete activation.


    10. Result should show “Deactivation succeeded” and click “Finish”



    For migration: refer to Installing SolidNetwork License Manager

    For upgrade: Perform an upgrade of existing Server by referring to the following steps first followed by the steps found in Installing SolidNetwork License Manager.


    11. Locate the SolidWorks installation file (from the installation disc/USB/Downloads from customer portal)


    12. Run Setup.exe

    Select “Server Products” and “install SolidNetwork License Manager” and click “Next”



    13. Enter the SolidWorks Network Serial Numbers if needed. If there is multiple serial numbers, one can separate by adding commas(,)


    14. If required, Click “Change” to modify the default installation location


    15. Click “Install now” to begin installation.


    16. Refer to Step 11 found in Installing SolidNetwork License Manager

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    Author: Bernard Chong – Application Engineer at SEACAD Technologies Ltd

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