Use Better Ways to Bring your Ideas to Life
  • Use Better Ways to Bring your Ideas to Life

    Posted on Nov Fri, 2017 by seacad_admin

    SOLIDWORKS 2018 comes with new features  directly based on the users’ feedback to suit the modern product development requirements.

    Through the improved user interface, you can now be more effective with the touch screen function to create the geometry of your model according to the design features and manufacturing standards. You can even generate NC tool paths for machining parts automatically with it.

    The new topology study can be used to optimize the geometry of your design according to the weight, function and manufacturing standard. You can also improve product performance or reduce product weight based on its function and manufacturing limitations.

    Let us find out more about the new enhancements in SOLIDWORKS 2018!

    The user’s personal involvement greatly awakens everyone’s touch experience

    SOLIDWORKS 2018 supports dedicated touch screen mode, which provides a new powerful productivity tool set for the work of touch-screen equipment.  Your design ideas can be quickly captured with the hand-sketching feature which automatically converts the strokes into sketches.



    Widely expected integration of smart CAM software and inspection tools

    With the support provided by CamWorks, SOLIDWORKS CAM provides “rule-based” processing and automatic feature recognition, which greatly simplifies the process of CNC programming. In addition, SOLIDWORKS Inspection and SOLIDWORKS CAM both support Model Based Definition (MBD) technology, which makes your design, manufacturing and inspection process much easier without creating 2D drawings.


    3D Interconnect provides more flexibility for data collaboration

    3D Interconnect can process file formats seamlessly including STL, OBJ, JT, ACIS, STEP and IGES. The 3D Interconnect not only automatically keep the reference of your design’s geometry when new files are received, now it also supports internal model information such as custom properties, material properties, and reference axes.

    SOLIDWORKS 2018 also allows you to select faces from the imported mesh model and convert them to SOLIDWORKS surfaces, and modify them using features and geometry.


    Enhanced drawing function

    There are multiple enhancements for drawings: advanced hole call-out, layers supported for section lines, new trailing zeros display options, section views and auxiliary views, detail views available in section views and alternate position views, switch to uppercase for all alphabets.



    Improved project and process management

    SOLIDWORKS Manage has integrated data management, project management, and process management into one package. It equips your current PDM system with strong planning, process, and project management capabilities.



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