Using Assembly Visualization to check your component rebuild time
  • Using Assembly Visualization to check your component rebuild time

    Posted on Nov Fri, 2019 by seacad_marketing

    Do you often working on assembly modelling? Have you ever wanted to see which component contribute the highest mass? Or do you ever wanted to know which component take the longest time to rebuild?

    You can do those things by using the Assembly Visualization Features in SOLIDWORKS.

    Using Assembly Visualization 1

    To do this simply go to the evaluation tab inside your assembly.

    Using Assembly Visualization 2

    Click the Assembly Visualization to open up the Property Manager.

    To see other properties click the arrow to expand the selection, the “More…” Options can be selected for more selections available. After clicking the “More…” option, a new windows open for selection.

    Using Assembly Visualization 3

    In the Properties, select the SW-Rebuild Time and hit OK.

    In some cases, using assembly visualization can help us in determining possible solution for our assembly, in this case the “rebuild time”.

    Using Assembly Visualization 4

    By looking at the result we can see that the Head(Full) component contribute the highest rebuild time to the whole assembly. In this type of case we might want to open the Head(Full) part and look at the possible fix.

    That is one of the function of assembly visualization, you can explore more to further understand your whole assembly, which component contribute the highest mass and etc. Cheers!!

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